Combien de temps j'attendrai le code de déblocage?

Temps d'attente pour un code de déverrouillage pour les téléphones LG est de 1 à 24 heures.

Le temps moyen d'obtention du code fait 3 heures 21 minutes. Ce temps est calculé sur la base de 50 dernières commandes passées par nos clients.

Débloquer LG G7 ThinQ


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    IGNACE - 2019-04-12 00:21:39

Comment entrer le code sur le mobile LG G7 ThinQ ?

Pour entrer le code de déverrouillage sim pour le mobile LG , procédez comme suit:
1. Insérez la carte SIM qui fonctionne sur votre mobile à présent.
2. Entrez 2945#*XXX# ou 2945#*71001#
3. Vous serez invité à saisir le code
4. Entrez le code de déverrouillage
5. Le téléphone est déverrouillé

XXX Ce sont les chiffres du modèle du mobile LG, p.ex. pour KU990 nous saisissons 2945#*990#, GT540 nous saisissons2945#*540#


2020-08-13 13:38:27 Waldemar

Zaskoczony szybk± obs³ug±. Przeciêtna czasu oczekiwania by³o ponad 3 godziny a czeka³em kilkadziesi±t minut. Polecam

2020-07-01 21:07:48 Paul

it took a little longer than the average, but the unlock code worked straight away the one from 02 was wrong thanks guys. would use a again if the time comes.

2020-06-12 11:01:49 Jakub

Kod otrzyma³em nastêpnego dnia rano, po pierwszej próbie zosta³ odblokowany. Pierwotnie mia³ blokadê na sieæ o2 abc i po w³o¿eniu karty Orange by³ komunikat "sieæ zablokowana". Polecam

2020-05-15 13:44:53 Agata

Kod przyszed³ mniej wiêcej po pó³ godziny oczekiwania i zadzia³a³ od razu, op³ata w porównaniu do tego ile chcieli na miejscu za ca³a us³uge bardzo w porz±dku. Polecam :-)

2020-03-08 16:56:19 Rosa Nieves

Es excelente

2020-03-02 21:50:54 Martin

Exelente servicio llego en menos de 30 min

2020-03-02 20:40:44 Daniela Nicoles

Es muy bueno

2020-03-02 20:27:18 Gadget

Exactly the same as a previous reviewer I have an O2 locked LG G7 Thinq. I got an unlock code from O2 that did not work. So based on the other review I thought it was worth a try using this website for a few Euros. The code was different to the O2 one and worked first time Very impressed. I can now use an EE SIM in the phone. Thanks.

2019-12-12 22:29:02 Kevin

Great service, very impressed. Order took a bit longer than predicted, but I still had it within 24 hours. The main thing worked. Thanks.

2019-12-11 13:11:48 piotr

mialem okazje sciagnac blokade simlock z lg g7.jestem zadowolony.polecam.

2019-07-29 08:37:50 Tristan

Code worked. Additional codes sent including nsck, spck, simck, cpck as well as network unlock. Ordered code Friday evening and received Monday, guess they don't work weekends.

2019-07-16 09:43:24 Leonardo

It worked flawlessly. It just took a bit more of time because I made the request during weekend. I highly recommend it.

2019-07-04 17:03:32 Alejandro

Todo perfecto Mi celular es un LG G7 Thinq+ comprado en Hong Kong que tenía un bloqueo por región. Para desbloquearlo pedía conectarlo 30 minutos a una red local o China con un SIM de allá. Con el código suministrado esta página lo pude desbloquear sin problema.

2019-06-27 16:40:11 Dom

Took about 12 hours to get an unlock code for my LG G7, but it worked first time. This was a big relief to me, as I had been unsuccessful in getting the phone unlocked via O2 in the UK, the network the phone was locked to. They offer unlocking for free, but had given me 2 codes over 3 weeks, neither of which worked and left me with only 3 attempts left to unlock the phone. I googled unlock codes, this was the first site that came up, seemed to have some good reviews to went for it, and couldn't be happier. Thanks for your help

2019-06-24 19:25:43 SANTIAGO

Funciana todo OK gracias

2019-05-12 04:25:13 Hugo Alejandro

Funciono correctamente, facil y rapido....altamente recomendado.

2019-04-30 18:29:30 Samuele

Got stuck in another country without a working phone. Now It works perfectly. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

2019-04-29 08:56:02 Vitalij

Nach ca. 1 Tag habe ich den Code bekommen. Code eingegeben und.... es funktioniert. Danke Gerne wieder

2019-04-12 00:21:39 IGNACE


2019-04-09 15:28:07 Emilio

Excelente servicio Le pude solucionar el problema a mi mamá Lo recomiendo 100%

2019-04-02 00:53:49 Luis José

Muy bien

2018-10-13 13:48:59 Tim

Took over five days to arrive but worked fine when it did

2018-10-10 20:22:24 musta.h

i tried a lot of sim unlocking services and they couldn't help, but did it i received my code on the next day, and it worked perfectly

2018-09-30 13:51:51 Chris

Took a bit longer than the estimated 50 minutes, but they did come through and I got a code for my LG G7. The extra instructions (using an allowed sim and typing in the codes) were really useful.

2018-09-25 19:24:53 Adalberto

Funciono correctamente muchas gracias

2018-09-16 13:12:15 Mohammad

Fast reliable and easy to use with the instructions ptovided ..was lost and decided to try and worth it

2018-09-15 17:32:43 Mohammad

Wow wow very responsive and unlocked like a charm1

2018-09-11 09:55:42 Alican

Thank you best service

2018-09-06 15:46:59 Thomas

I was wondering if it was a scam but it's working really well. I had to wait 1h20 to get the code but it came and worked :)

2018-07-01 08:12:16 Marco

Great service, everything working and fast. Recommended