Déblocage Microsoft Lumia 550

Pour Microsoft Lumia 550 sont disponibles pour choisir parmi les options suivantes pour débloquer. Si vous ne savez pas quelle option choisir, s'il vous plaît contactez-nous. Nous allons vous aider à choisir le bon produit pour votre téléphone.

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Débloquer Microsoft Lumia 550


Dernier commentaire sur la libération

  • Je suis très satisfait de votre service.

    Linon - 2020-09-12 17:13:06

  • superbe service je suis vraiment satisfait.

    thierry kouakou - 2018-11-14 14:16:43

  • Assez rapide, je recommande malgré un prix un peu élevé

    SP - 2017-07-06 10:08:14

Comment entrer le code sur le mobile Microsoft Lumia 550 ?

1. Allumez le téléphone avec une carte SIM refusée
2. Le téléphone vous demandera un code de déverrouillage
3. Entrez le code de déverrouillage et confirmer


2021-01-14 19:43:27 Aliu

Fast and reable

2020-12-24 23:48:15 Spiros

Thank you very much. I just managed to unlock my phone thanks to you. Thumbs up and I shall recommend you for sure :)

2020-12-17 19:59:36 Brian

Fantastic service and quick as well

2020-10-29 12:37:29 Artur

Jak najbardziej polecam. Szybko tanio i sprawnie.

2020-09-12 17:13:06 Linon

Je suis très satisfait de votre service.

2020-09-06 20:50:21 Michael

Worked first time. Great service.

2020-06-23 13:25:14 Jean-Marc

Very reactive and friendly service.

2020-06-02 23:07:04 Carlos Antonio

muito bom site respeitador e eficiente

2020-02-11 13:25:58 Tom

Great service job well done

2020-01-15 08:57:40 Chris

Great service, and more importantly great support. I messed up my number, and the support team helped me out until it was resolved. Well done five stars.

2020-01-10 16:37:14 Brian

Brilliant service and the code was sent in less than 24 hours. I am very impressed. Thank you very much.

2020-01-06 13:10:14 Terry

The unblock code worked ok

2019-11-26 14:33:46 Roy

Very good service worked first time .and very good order process updates thank you

2019-10-18 09:27:45 Brendon

Had this phone for 3 years and could not get unlock code from Meteor. 3 days with sim-unlock and it was done. Thank you

2019-10-11 17:08:27 Cameron

Excellent service, received code in 2 days

2019-09-16 13:40:23 kuflash

thanks your so faster

2019-06-24 09:22:00 K

GREAT but expensive

2019-05-25 10:16:38 Mathews

The code worked..Great job,ordered on Thursday evening and received the code on Friday night,relatively quicker than other services

2019-05-10 21:33:22 SAINT. M.C


2019-02-28 21:41:23 hasmukh

Very good service

2019-02-27 20:33:25 salim

The moment i entered the code and my lumia 550 unlocked, this is the best unlock site ever👌

2019-02-26 09:18:57 Perry

Fantastic. Highly recommend.

2019-02-13 13:40:40 Paulo

Great job, easy and fast.

2019-02-04 09:27:03 Elion

Hi , thnx very much for our service is to fast to secure . I just unlock microsoft lumia 550 from swisscom network work perfectly. Thanks

2018-12-31 10:37:22 Pawe³

Wszystko ok. W drugim dniu roboczym dosta³em kod i simlock ¶ci±gniêty:) Polecam.

2018-11-27 07:50:22 frank

Thanks for the code it took a week but worked perfectly in the end. Looking forward to using your service again. Thanks

2018-11-25 00:56:31 Favio Mauricio

excelente servicio muchas gracias

2018-11-14 14:16:43 thierry kouakou

superbe service je suis vraiment satisfait.

2018-10-01 13:38:57 Tilao

It worked straight away... unlocked in less than a minute after I received the code. The code was delivered inside the time window they said it would be. If like me, you are a bit afraid of losing your money, you can go ahead, I recommend sim-unlock.net. A+ Cheers,

2018-04-25 09:22:23 Robert

Telefon odblokowany.Polecam

2018-03-19 01:55:05 Alamgir

excellent service and highly recommended .thanks

2018-03-18 18:42:41 Angela

Spot on, worked first attempt

2018-03-16 20:45:55 Alamgir

excellent fast service,highly recommended.

2018-03-14 23:21:28 Breda


2018-02-23 10:19:17 Robert

Highly recommended. Code was received in 5 days and worked faultlessly.

2018-02-07 05:13:51 Ricardo

excelente servicio y rapido 100% recomendable

2018-02-01 20:44:59 krzysiek

Witam odblokowanie kodem lumia 550 kodem bez problemu polecam 100% u mnie trzeba by³o wpisywaæ kod d³u¿szy ni¿ pole do wpisywania

2018-02-01 19:11:02 dejan

Very good and quick. I recommend to everybody

2018-01-25 17:48:18 £ukasz

Szybko, bezpiecznie oraz tanio.

2018-01-07 08:55:32 derick

I was really skeptical in the beginning but when my unlock code came after about 4 days, it worked perfectly

2018-01-04 18:14:40 derick

I was so sceptical about this service to be honest but after 4 days, received my codes and bam they worked at one go. Awesome stuff.

2017-11-08 10:40:48 Suzanne

Great service less than 24 hrs and phone successfully unlocked would definitely use again and recommend

2017-10-15 08:45:11 Dave

Excellent service. Took 10 days but I'm certain that's down to the carrier I was locked to. Needless to say the code worked perfectly. Will definitely use this service again.

2017-09-26 21:44:08 Joanna


2017-08-23 14:48:10 Chamelleon

Posz³o bez problemu

2017-07-06 10:08:14 SP

Assez rapide, je recommande malgré un prix un peu élevé

2017-07-04 10:41:51 Darek

Jestem bardzo zadowolony . Troszeczkê to trwa³o ale dzia³a firma jest solidna .korzysta³em te¿ z innych firm ale okazywa³o siê ¿e oszukuja tylko na pieniondze . A t± firmê polecam naprawdê dotrzymuja slowa

2017-06-12 12:56:44 Ismail

Unlocked code worked first time Taken 10 days to get code worth it as others charge less but do not work. Thanks,

2017-05-18 12:48:42 Graeme

Expensive but very quick and easy. Thanks a lot.

2017-04-16 20:48:13 Richard

Nice. Worked well cheers.