Déblocage iPhone 12

Pour iPhone 12 sont disponibles pour choisir parmi les options suivantes pour débloquer. Si vous ne savez pas quelle option choisir, s'il vous plaît contactez-nous. Nous allons vous aider à choisir le bon produit pour votre téléphone.

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Débloquer iPhone 12


Dernier commentaire sur la libération

  • I never thought I could get such an excellent and expeditious service.

    Michael - 2022-11-17 19:12:42

  • Fast and good service

    javiths - 2022-09-15 08:47:20

  • Good

    Marquail - 2022-08-04 03:04:33

  • Excelent thank you

    Garcia - 2022-07-30 20:04:32

  • Service was as described, submitted Verizon iphone 12 iemi, and 2 days later was carrier unlocked. Still unlocked even after multiple factory resets. Thank you

    Darren - 2022-04-28 12:25:56

Comment débloquer l'iPhone 12 ?

Après avoir reçu l’information que le numéro IMEI a été enregistré dans la base Apple il faut faire ce qui suit:
1. Installez la carte d’un autre opérateur ou la carte SIM avec laquelle fonctionne iPhone avec une batterie chargée.
2. Allumez l’appareil et entrez votre code PIN.
3. Lancez l'application iTunes sur votre ordinateur avec l’accès à l’Internet.
4. Connectez l'iPhone à votre ordinateur.
5. L'application ITunes détectera automatiquement l'appareil et commencera le processus du déblocage.
6. Le processus de déblocage peut durer de 2 à 30 minutes, en fonction de la vitesse de la transmission des connexions Internet.
7. L'achèvement du processus de déverrouillage sera confirmé par le message: "Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked".
(Le contenu exact du message et de la version linguistique peut varier en fonction de la version de iTunes)

La déconnection de iPhone de l’ordinateur avant de terminer le processus de déblocage peut endommager le logiciel de l'appareil.


2022-11-17 19:12:42 Michael

I never thought I could get such an excellent and expeditious service.

2022-09-15 08:47:20 javiths

Fast and good service

2022-08-04 03:04:33 Marquail


2022-07-30 20:04:32 Garcia

Excelent thank you

2022-04-28 12:25:56 Darren

Service was as described, submitted Verizon iphone 12 iemi, and 2 days later was carrier unlocked. Still unlocked even after multiple factory resets. Thank you

2022-04-20 14:44:24 Maulin

Excellent Service.. very quick...

2022-03-16 14:23:40 ann


2022-03-15 23:24:43 Dwayne

This is the best service I’ve used

2022-02-11 12:59:51 Vick D

Greatest service, my iPhone 12 was unlocked before given time. Thanks Team

2022-02-04 15:16:26 Jhonyerth

Amazing, it was really fast and my phone is really unlocked. I love this

2022-01-21 02:03:04 Sheena

Thanks to you guys I can now use my iPhone 12 with another network Fast service and response time. I recommend to anyone needing service and again thanks

2022-01-01 02:25:54 Oscar

This service is legit. Fast and very assured. Thank you guys again and I highly recommend them

2021-11-23 16:01:38 Rajesh

Thanks for the fast & smooth service. Very reasonable price.

2021-10-01 12:52:02 manuel

La liberación fue perfecta, 100 % garantizada, lo único fue que tardaron más de un mes en hacer la liberación

2021-09-21 00:51:11 Marquail

It work

2021-09-20 16:16:33 Najaida


2021-08-19 20:34:58 Amador

Todo correcto, me ofrecieron la información que necesitaba.

2021-06-16 14:28:38 Santiago

Fast, painless service, works as expected and very affordable. Cannot ask for more. Great work

2021-05-25 08:14:26 Michael

Amazing service

2021-04-22 15:19:54 Kamil

Szybki i solidny serwis. Telefon odblokowany po nieca³ej dobie. Polecam

2021-04-13 13:59:25 John

3 phones , 3 unlocks with no problem

2021-04-12 16:06:40 John

everything again went smooth.... still waiting on last one from Friday.

2021-03-23 02:34:34 Oso

Low key I was skeptical but it really works I would definitely do it again

2021-03-16 10:11:54 Krzysztof

Szybko i sprawnie

2021-03-01 14:37:43 Rashid

This service works 100% I did have to pay for the premium service but was worth every penny to unlock my IP12

2021-02-09 11:46:26 Alexander

Took a bit longer than expected but in the end it just works and didn‘t need to go to the A1 shop personally

2021-01-30 20:41:58 Josh


2021-01-25 09:18:00 Przemys³aw

Polecam. Profesjonalne podej¶cie do klienta i wykonanej us³ugi

2021-01-18 14:41:09 John

great service, exactly as advertised. works perfectly

2020-12-30 06:14:08 Felipe

Excelente atención y rapido

2020-12-23 22:07:46 Bogdan

Good service Unlock iphone 12, recive code in 2 working days

2020-12-17 22:37:54 Bartosz

Jak zwykle wszystko w jak najlepszym porz±dku. Czas oczekiwania na simlocka na iphone 12 Ok 24h.

2020-12-17 16:10:39 Christine

I have a Verizon iPhone 12 pro max. I wasn’t too sure about paying to get an iPhone unlocked because I’d heard bad things but I went ahead and tried it because for 10.99 you can’t go wrong. 2 days after the order I received an email letting me know my phone is now unlocked. I am now using it on AT&T. I totally recommend this service to unlock your phone

2020-12-03 17:23:16 Krishna

Excellent service. Got my iPhone 12 unlocked.

2020-12-02 14:47:20 Banhbo

this service is the best and super fast.

2020-11-24 06:49:15 John

No words can explain how good this service is A+++++ That’s all I gotta say on that well worth it IPhone 12 unlocked in 2 days to any carrier lmao 😆

2020-11-14 05:06:33 Mayukh

Great thanks worked as advertised for iPhone 12. Took 3 days but worth the wait

2020-10-28 20:06:44 Edy

Phone unlocked fast and easy. Next phone will unlock here.