Déblocage iPhone 12 Pro Max

Pour iPhone 12 Pro Max sont disponibles pour choisir parmi les options suivantes pour débloquer. Si vous ne savez pas quelle option choisir, s'il vous plaît contactez-nous. Nous allons vous aider à choisir le bon produit pour votre téléphone.

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Débloquer iPhone 12 Pro Max


Dernier commentaire sur la libération

  • Excelente y rapido.

    Ulises - 2021-06-21 16:10:40

  • Excelent service. Worth every penny.

    Srinivasa - 2021-06-21 15:03:04

  • thanks great service.

    irma R - 2021-06-17 23:35:46

  • Fast service and 100% reliable. I strongly recommend sim-unlock services

    CONSTANTIN - 2021-06-12 08:27:40

  • ¦wietna sprawa Nie wierzy³em dopóki sam nie sprawdzi³em. Dziêki wielkie i polecam ka¿demu us³ugi firmy 🙂

    Michal - 2021-06-07 15:25:39

Comment débloquer l'iPhone 12 Pro Max ?

Après avoir reçu l’information que le numéro IMEI a été enregistré dans la base Apple il faut faire ce qui suit:
1. Installez la carte d’un autre opérateur ou la carte SIM avec laquelle fonctionne iPhone avec une batterie chargée.
2. Allumez l’appareil et entrez votre code PIN.
3. Lancez l'application iTunes sur votre ordinateur avec l’accès à l’Internet.
4. Connectez l'iPhone à votre ordinateur.
5. L'application ITunes détectera automatiquement l'appareil et commencera le processus du déblocage.
6. Le processus de déblocage peut durer de 2 à 30 minutes, en fonction de la vitesse de la transmission des connexions Internet.
7. L'achèvement du processus de déverrouillage sera confirmé par le message: "Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked".
(Le contenu exact du message et de la version linguistique peut varier en fonction de la version de iTunes)

La déconnection de iPhone de l’ordinateur avant de terminer le processus de déblocage peut endommager le logiciel de l'appareil.


2021-06-21 16:10:40 Ulises

Excelente y rapido.

2021-06-21 15:03:04 Srinivasa

Excelent service. Worth every penny.

2021-06-17 23:35:46 irma R

thanks great service.

2021-06-12 08:27:40 CONSTANTIN

Fast service and 100% reliable. I strongly recommend sim-unlock services

2021-06-07 15:25:39 Michal

¦wietna sprawa Nie wierzy³em dopóki sam nie sprawdzi³em. Dziêki wielkie i polecam ka¿demu us³ugi firmy 🙂

2021-06-07 03:46:11 Dannielle

Thank you so much I was about to pay much more to do this and it worked in about a few days

2021-06-05 21:08:13 Mauricio

Excellent job - 5 starts service

2021-06-04 09:56:23 KI DAE

So amazing and great service and very quickly find problem solving.. I recommend to others.

2021-05-22 23:54:12 Daniel

great service and didn’t take that long

2021-05-20 15:55:58 Chelsea

Best service ever

2021-05-20 15:55:28 Sam f

The absolute best unlocking service ever. Cheap fast easy and permanently unlocked. Thank you guys

2021-05-17 08:16:47 Joseph

Their service is fast and reliable

2021-05-13 14:24:34 Wilfrido

These guys are just amazing :)

2021-05-13 12:14:42 hassan

Got my result fast which i love it .. thank you

2021-05-12 21:58:09 ming

Very very good company. Aaaaaaa++++++++will recommend to all my frejnd or anyone who I know. Very good job guys.

2021-05-12 06:29:30 ming

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2021-05-05 18:28:16 VICTOR

Second device unlocked and very pleased

2021-05-02 02:06:04 Nguyen

Been waiting for almost 3 days and almost disappointed but got surprised with my new unlocked iphone by remote way. Thank you for your help

2021-04-30 05:30:20 austin

I love it Only took about 2 days amazing

2021-04-30 02:08:53 VICTOR

Very good service

2021-04-26 04:26:10 Ryan

Sheeesh 3rd time using this service Excellent work Although this order took a little bit longer than the last 2 orders it was still fast, just waited an extra day lol overall time waited was 3 days.

2021-04-22 08:04:53 Jamil

Great job I’m so happy Thank you so much

2021-04-21 22:24:39 Jamil

Thank you so much thi is amazing great job I can’t believe I have to say WAUUU

2021-04-21 15:18:03 Robert

Phone was unlocked four later hours on a Monday. Did an amazing job I did not I have to change my Sim or plug the phone into any computer As the handset downloaded it on its own

2021-04-19 10:54:48 Piotr

Excellent service

2021-04-15 17:03:19 Michael

Great service

2021-04-12 16:51:34 Harjinder singh

Very quickly unlock my iPhone 12 pro max i am very happy with us

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I was just giving this website a try, I was shocked when I received the code within 10 hours. Thanks

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2021-03-10 16:56:36 Nathan

Quick reliable service highly recommend

2021-03-06 05:07:10 i12 PMX

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2021-03-05 06:39:12 Sierra

This actually works It was quick and reasonable too I’m definitely using this service from now on

2021-03-02 11:45:39 Ally

Great job

2021-03-01 12:17:35 James

On god I thought dis shit was cap but it work I switched from Verizon to att

2021-02-24 05:51:26 Carlos

Worked perfect for 3 companies Thank you

2021-02-16 11:34:20 Frisnel

Fast and reliable the best out there

2021-02-14 14:39:45 Jeffrey

Unlocked my iPhone 12 Pro Max 256MB phone less then 32 hours. Super duper fast without any problems or issues Highly recommended service Second time using this service and I won’t look elsewhere. Well done 👍

2021-02-09 20:56:58 Edgar Velasquez

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This is a 10 star service nothing less

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This company is great, fast, and affective

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Excellent thank you so much

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Great worked right away less than 2 days I phone 12 pro max thanks

2021-01-24 15:51:31 Marcus

Guys it’s real, at the first I thought it was a joke, scam until I decided to give it a try and my phone was unlocked within the next day. I’m so grateful thank you for helping me

2021-01-22 12:40:10 Lucas Victor

This is the second time that i unlock an iphone with sim-unlock.net. Great Service. My first iphone was an iphone 6 locked to At&t, and it took them 6 days. Now i've unlocked an iphone 12 pro max locked to 3UK and they magically unlocked it within 24 hours. Great service. Recommendation is not enough to thank these guys. Thanks.

2021-01-15 15:17:55 Mahmood

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