Desbloquear Sony por el código IMEI de la red Rogers Canada

Desbloquear Sony por el código IMEI de la red Rogers CanadaLe service permet le déblocage du code de verrouillage opérateur de tous les Sony du réseau Rogers Canada par le code. Nous desservons tous les modèles existant dans ce réseau. C'est la méthode la plus sûre pour le déblocage du verrouillage opérateur sans aucune intervention dans le mobile.


2021-06-01 18:55:41 Melvin Jose

Déblocage Sony Xperia M4 Aqua - Servicio rápido y efectivo

2020-04-02 20:41:33 Jocelyn

Déblocage Sony Xperia M4 Aqua - Excellent service, ils prévoyaient 1 ou 2 jours et j'ai eu le code en 25 heures. Sony experia.

2019-10-30 15:28:06 Rishan

Déblocage Sony C6906 - Thaks Sir Good and fast sevise.

2019-07-11 12:45:10 FREDDY JHOEL

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2019-05-26 18:12:05 Earl Zepheaneus

Déblocage Sony Xperia X Performance - Very fast transaction and reliable. Thanks and I hope your page will continue with more offers.

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Déblocage Sony Xperia Z3 - Excellent service Fast, and didn't have any issues

2018-03-09 02:47:02 Peter

Déblocage Sony D6603 - Worked great and same day code

2018-02-07 04:43:37 Abdul

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2018-01-08 06:27:24 Peter

Déblocage Sony Xperia S - good it works

2018-01-02 14:35:21 jeremiah

Déblocage Sony ST25i - Took more than a week to get the code but it worked

2017-12-19 03:14:22 TAJINDER

Déblocage Sony Xperia Z3 - It took long but my phone is unlocked now. Price is much better than other available website.

2016-09-15 01:39:30 Noeaing

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2016-08-26 07:28:25 Chris

Déblocage Sony Xperia Z1 - First phone told "unlock not succesful" but after restart it's free for my network. THX

2016-08-15 15:45:24 Isaiah

Déblocage Sony Xperia X Performance - Thank you sim-unlock. I received the inlock code within the day and it works perfectly after first try. God bless this team. This is the second time we requested to this site with my wife. Happy and contented customer :)

2016-03-23 22:05:58 Charitha

Déblocage Sony C6506 - worked like a charm was locked to rogers network now its unlocked

2016-02-23 21:15:13 Sabin

Déblocage Sony Xperia Z3 - Worked like a charm Everything done in less than 4 hours. Thanks

2015-08-04 23:17:20 Mohammed

Déblocage Sony Xperia Z3 - Thank u sooo much. Now I have unlocked phone :)

2015-03-28 14:27:30 Alexandre

Déblocage Sony Xperia Z1 - Worked perfect with a Sony Xperia Z1 on Rogers Canada, less expensive than asking Rogers to unlock it. Thanks

2014-12-30 06:12:16 Cristian

Déblocage Sony C6506 - Exelente muy rápidos a pesar de estar en días festivos en dos días ya tenía el número para desbloquear mi teléfono

2014-10-01 14:59:29 Mathew

Déblocage Sony Xperia SP - I am very gratefull with your service. Thank you so much. Best regards

2014-07-05 18:36:17 Stephan

Déblocage Sony Xperia Z1 - kind of expensive, but I've tried 2 others one cheaper on ebay and they did not succeed. Sim-Unlock got is in the first attempt. took two days but losted more with previous unlockers trial. recommend

2014-06-27 17:09:26 Danny

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2014-02-12 14:27:47 Jean

Déblocage Sony Xperia SP - Jai recu le code en deux jours... tres facile

2014-01-09 14:21:26 Raymond

Déblocage Sony Xperia Z1 - Excellent, fast and reliable service. I received ,my code on the same day in about 5 hours. I was able to unlock my Sony Xperia Z1 phone successfully using the code.

2013-12-28 13:03:06 Linh

Déblocage Sony Xperia Z1 - Thank you so much your guy just simply the best. My local store say it would take 4-7 days to have it unlock and cost $40, but with your guy only within one hour and cost just half. I am glad that I found you and will come back for future service. Once again thank you.

2013-12-22 17:03:49 Gabby

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